Mark Male

I have started using these shoes on my clients with great success!

Anne Galliher

My Thoroughbred mare has had horrible feet since I've owned her. Very thin walls. My vet suggested Glushu and the hoof wall growth has more than doubled. My mare is more sound than she has been in years. I have my horse back!

Terry VandenBosch

I just wanted to share a success story for the glushu to date. We put the shoes on on 11/10/16. Being in Wisconsin it was 50 degrees outside so we heated the garage to 87 and kept the glue and shoes in a heating blanket. The feet we cleaned and dried using a heat gun. This weekend the mare placed 8 out 107 on Saturday and 4 out of 103 in the barrel races. The second day the rider felt more comfortable that the horse would not slip so she pushed her a little harder and shaved .4 seconds off her time. Their next competition is 12/17/16. If all goes well they will not have to be reset until after those runs.

Anika Fiona Ridgeway

These shoes have been on my mare now for nine weeks in mud and sand and are as tight as the day they were put on. She has flat, tiny feet and has never moved better in her life with these shoes. They give her the clearance and traction she needs for the work that we do and I couldn't be happier with this product!